Fastrack One Main Loop 036 Switches Reverse Four Sidings

Fastrack One Main Loop 036 Switches Reverse Four Sidings

Five by eight layout design great for a growing layout. Design includes one main loop with a reverse and four sidings. Only one bumper is used because track spec claims it as two bumpers.


Track BrandLionel Fastrack
Width5 ft
Height8 ft
Main Lines1
Smallest Curve036 curves
Switch Count8 switches

Parts List

NumberProduct NumberDescriptionManufacturerPriceCountTotal
0016-12014Straight Track (10")Lionel$4.798$38.32
0026-12015Curved Track 036 (45° Section)Lionel$4.7910$47.90
0036-12024Half Straight Track (5")Lionel$4.598$36.72
0046-12025Straight Track (4 1/2")Lionel$4.599$41.31
0056-12026Straight track (1 3/4")Lionel$4.591$4.59
0066-12029Accessory Activator Pack (2 X 5" & 1 X 10")Lionel$13.791$13.79
0076-12035Lighted Bumper (5") (2 per Package)Lionel$29.991$29.99
0086-1204230" Straight TrackLionel$14.593$43.77
0096-12045*036 Remote Left Switch w/ 1/4 Curve attached (10" Straight, 45º)Lionel$91.992$183.98
0106-12046*036 Remote Right Switch w/ 1/4 Curve attached (10" Straight, 45º)Lionel$91.996$551.94
0116-12073Straight track (1 3/8")Lionel$4.594$18.36

Parts List Total: $1010.67

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